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The Rise of The Legends

The Rise of The Legends is more than just an exciting middle-grade adventure. It’s a story crafted to entertain while weaving in literacy goals, STEM based themes, problem solving, conflict resolution and character building. It’s meant to engage and inspire the young reader while also being a multidisciplinary asset to educators and parents.

"This pioneering book extends beyond entertainment, serving as a vibrant conduit for learning, igniting curiosity, and propelling young minds toward the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics." - Andrew  B. Raupp, Newsweek
“This is a horizon-expanding story that’s filled with action. It winds advanced vocabulary and STEM concepts into its imagination-sparking prose… the abundant inclusion of intriguing plot factors like secret passages and cool technology keeps the book’s appeal feeling fresh and continual.” - Paula Willey, Foreward Reviews 
“…it explores themes of self-identity, teamwork, and social responsibility. An engaging, action packed adventure for technophiles and aspiring detectives.” — Kirkus Reviews
Jake Zortman has proven he is a master of this genre! Get ready to embark on an epic adventure with this expertly crafted plot and well-developed characters that captivate you from beginning to end.” – Midwest Book Review
“The story is well-written and easy to follow. The science behind everything is explained very well making it quite simple and relatable as well as easy to understand and follow. The author focuses on strong friendships, learning to face adverse situations and helping one another. Everything is not black and white in life and thus it is necessary to understand another person’s situation/circumstance before judging them.” - Namrata Ganti, Red Pillows Reviews
“These characters are great role models for middle-grade readers as this age group isn’t always known for being understanding or thinking about others.”  -  Mark Buxton YA Books Central
Mikaela Kadono is bummed when her parents move the family into a spooky old fixer-upper house. When she finds the house contains a secret - a message from the distant past hidden in riddles and codes, she and her friends set off on a quest to solve the mystery. Their perilous adventure takes them from the high seas to a secret labyrinth of tunnels. Success, even survival, will take all their skills, gadgets, technology, and courage. As they unravel the mystery, it seems as if the message was left specifically for them. But how could the sender of the message have known about them 100 years ago? Are they being sent on this mission from someone in the past? Or someone in the future? Little do they know, they’ve become wrapped in an evil plot to take over the world that spans not only the last century, but those yet to come.
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