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Author and Book

Author Jake Zortman set out to craft more than just a story, it's a world built to inspire and engage young readers.

The Rise of The Legends is the first in a middle-grade fiction series that engages the reader though a compelling and fun narrative that incorporates STEM tools and problem solving, team building, conflict resolution and positive character traits.

Jake Zortman pulls a lot from his childhood in his first novel, The Rise of The Legends. Born in Los Angeles, his parents moved between cities and states often, so he faced the challenge of being the new kid in school a lot. It was tough, often being the victim of bullies without having had the time to build a solid circle of friends and support. Books were his escape.


Disappearing into a narrative took him away and ignited his imagination for faraway places and fantastic adventures. His high school librarian was amazed when, day after day, Jake would check out a book before school, then return it and pick up another the next morning.


Writing, photography and filmmaking were his interests as he became an adult. He earned a degree in Broadcast Journalism and right away went to work shooting, then writing and producing docu-style content. Desiring bigger and more creative projects, he returned to his hometown of Los Angeles and dedicated himself to working as a director of photography. He started, BackFocus, a cinematography focused production company which has become a go to for production needs for a diverse range of clientele, including the major studios and networks.


Writing took a back burner as he’d started a family and had a business to run, but it was always on his mind. Shelves of notebooks filled with story ideas line his office. But raising two sons with his wife Patti and keeping food on the table was his priority. He always knew the time would come when he’d be able to tell his stories.


That time has come. The experience gained in his profession and as a father, has made the wait well worth it. The Rise of The Legends is just the beginning.

Jake Zortman
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