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Good Harbor

Welcome to
Good Harbor Entertainment

Edutainment Designed to Inspire the Imagination and Spark Every Child's Potential

Our mission is to create a beacon of inspiration through content, setting a new global standard for educational and entertaining experiences that not only speak to the hearts of young people but also equip them to become the architects of their own destinies. Through the power of storytelling, we aim to create a future where every child is inspired to unlock and achieve their full potential, shaping a better world for themselves and generations to follow.

Who We Are

Good Harbor Entertainment is a partnership between two creative entrepreneurs who built their own successful business before coming together with a common passion: To educate through entertainment and help build a better tomorrow.

Jake Zortman

CEO / Creative Director

Jake has spent a career in Hollywood, as a producer, director and director of photography. He loves telling stories, whether through the lens or with pen and paper. His Los Angeles based production company, BackFocus, produces content for all of the major studios and TV networks. He is the author of Good Harbor Entertainment's first property, The Rise of The Legends.

Scott Buell

Scott Buell

Managing Partner

Scott Buell left his corporate job to find something meaningful to do with his life. After seeing kids' enthusiasm for drones,  he established Dynamic Learning Experiences, and launched the Drone Legends brand; an engaging educational program that's now a worldwide resource for schools, teachers and home instruction. Good Harbor continues his quest to inspire, teach and release the "inner legend" in every kid.

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